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Everything we do — from the way we make our products, to the vendors we choose, to the way we treat our people and run our business — is done through the lens of our Islamic faith. These are the tenets we choose to live by and because of our commitment to excellence, you get a high-quality product experience!

We give a shit.

About people, our planet and everything on it and doing the right thing.

We’re equality extremists.

That’s why we and all of our employees are paid one equal rate, ‘cause we’re all in this together. And our products are priced on a sliding scale. We want everyone to afford badass bodycare.

We practice radical transparency.

We have nothing to hide and everything to show. Our intentions are true, our quality pure, our conscience clean. Just ask, we’ll tell.

How’s this for transparency? Currently, this month’s sales are . Help us raise that number by ordering even more amazing, customized bodycare. Every sale helps make our Humanifesto mission a reality!

We choose ingredients with integrity.

That’s why our products are always all natural, 100% vegan and halal, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced.

We put the “you” in unique.

We believe in personal choice, and that everyone should have the right to choose exactly what’s best for them. Period.

We’re a work in progress.

And we always will be. We never want to stop learning, growing and loving what we do.